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Here’s what some of our Franklin, OH customers are saying about us:

  • I went to Trans-Master Transmissions because I needed a new transmission. The transmission was reasonably priced, and they repaired my car in a timely and efficient manner. The staff was very friendly, honest, and most important did not try to rip me off. Thank you!

    Stacy Huang Google Review

    I came here to get a new transmission for my Honda Civic. The staff here are honest, kind, and knowledgeable. They know what they are doing and they are always willing to help their customers. Since I don't know that much about cars I trusted them with everything. Great customer service!

    Robert Jackson Google Review

    Brought my car in to get my brakes replaced. They were very fast and did a great job. I still have both arms and both legs. I wasn’t charged an arm and a leg! Thank you!

    Moran Thattable Google Review

    The guys are great and honest, thorough, dependable. My place to take my cars!I will be a lifetime customer.

    Matthew Davis Google Review

    I recommend this place to everyone. They're fast with fair price.

    Jeffrey Keefe Google Review

    Trans-master offers great service

    samanthamatthews Yellow Pages Review

    Brought my car here because my friend recommended this place! Great service

    lambertannie1 Yellow Pages Review

    The personnel were very personable and hardworking. Never any issues. Never questionable. They were extremely open about everything that's happening. If you have any questions, they answers them quickly and honestly. The guys can handle anything from an oil change to rebuilding the entire car. In the end, I guess I can only really tell you that I had a great experience and a low stress, high quality work. I hope this was helpful to everyone looking for a reliable transmission shop.

    samanthadrysdale Yellow Pages Review

    When my car broke down I got really scared. But once I took it to trans master they fixed it in no time and charged me fairly. I was amazed at their honestly and professionalism.

    mellpardy Yellow Pages Review

    When my car broke down in the middle of the road my first thoughts were scary! But thankfully I got one of my friends who told me to call Bud's and they immidiately rescued me! I was so relieved at their fast and hassle free service!!

    raysdon Yellow Pages Review

    I was also referred to Trans-master by my friend Eric, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the experience here. highly recommended!!!

    christina.miller18 Yellow Pages Review

    The staff has been very responsive and friendly. Unfortunately, my car needs a new transmission and it will be pretty expensive. However, if it needs to be done, then I am very fortunate to have been sent here! and I know my car is in good hands because the staff here in Trans-Master Transmissions is professional and a hardworking bunch of people.

    tamekajohnson Yellow Pages Review

    I have been to Trans-master Transmission two times, and I love there friendly service! They staff is always super friendly and trying their best to help me. Thank you so much! 5 star service!

    mikeadams1990 Yellow Pages Review

    Highly recommended!! They're very professional with great customer service. They fixed my car with very low rate. Thank you Trans-master.

    jamienagnpy115 Yellow Pages Review

    Great customer service! These guys are true professionals. The staff was awesome, and helped me right away. My car's transmission is now running smoothly, and everything is going great. I am a very happy customer, and I am definitely coming back! Thank you.

    christinaanderson513 Yellow Pages Review

    Thank you Trans-master for fixing my car in such a short time! I highly recommend this place!

    katie.fini.7 Yellow Pages Review

    Great Transmission business with excellent service. The guys were friendly and useful, answering all of my questions. They also answered a lot of questions over the phone and made sure the parts were in store before I came down. Best Auto Part store in the area! this is one of the only places you should be coming to. The staff is polite and knowledgeable and know what is needed to get the job done right.

    colinetrish Yellow Pages Review

    They were attentive, informative and quoted me lower than what the actual dealership was quoting specific parts. My car was in and out in one week, they assessed the problem and consulted with me before making any fixes. We had EXCELLENT service at this Trans-Master Transmissions. Staff was very friendly and professional. They will sell you only what you need and is extremely honest!! Couldn't be happier with my transmission, it's outstanding! I highly recommend this place!

    jamicawalt Yellow Pages Review

    This shop is very honest, and the staff is incredibly friendly. I had a great experience here, and I recommend this shop to everyone!

    lizpalmer45 Yellow Pages Review

    They repaired my car and worked with my budget! They have excellent customer service! Will definitely return for future care repairs!

    johnwilliams522 Yellow Pages Review
  • They did a great job of fixing my wife's car's transmission! Highly recommended

    sean1988n Superpages Review

    I went to Trans-Master Transmissions to get a new transmission for my Honda Accord. All of the staff were super friendly and willing to help me immediately. I got my new transmission installed, and now my car is running like brand new. I am one very happy customer. Thank you!

    anonymous Superpages Review

    My experience at trans-master was great!! Event though I'm a woman and don't know much about cars, they made sure to explain the problem to me!! Thank you

    anonymous Superpages Review

    The staff at trans-master guided me and helped me understand the problem! And fixed my car with fair price!

    anonymous Superpages Review

    They're the best in town!!!

    anonymous Superpages Review

    The best auto shops send their customers to Trans-master. This is the best transmission and clutch service in Franklin. Highly recommended.

    anonymous Superpages Review

    I had no idea what was wrong with my car when I went to trans master. They not only fixed it so well but also advised how I should take care of the transmission

    pardy.mellisa Superpages Review

    These guys are great! They are honest, reliable, dependable, and knowledgeable. They fixed my transmission right away, and now my car is running just like brand new. I am so glad I came to trans-master transmissions to fix my car. Thank you!

    anonymous Superpages Review

    Good Customer Service, Quality, Honest and Reliable! Isnt that what everyone is looking for in a mechanic?

    anonymous Superpages Review

    I have taken my TDI and my corvette for different types of service and have been very satisfied with their service and recommendations.

    martysager113 Superpages Review

    This is the second time that I bring my car to trans master! and will come back again :)

    samanthamatthews510 Merchant Circle Review

    Thank you for fixing my truck !

    sean1988n Merchant Circle Review

    The Trans-Master Transmissions was completely thorough and kept me informed every step of the way. They were super helpful and even understanding when parts that I'd selected didn't fit properly......Talk about SERVICE! I couldn't be happier, the price was right! If you're looking for a friendly, honest and thorough shop to take your transmission problems to... I'd recommend The this superb Shop!

    AngieHice Merchant Circle Review

    I went to Trans-Master Transmissions to get a new transmission for my Honda Accord. All of the staff were super friendly and willing to help me immediately. I got my new transmission installed, and now my car is running like brand new. I am one very happy customer. Thank you!

    nicoleF99 Merchant Circle Review

    I have been to a lot of shops that are anything but professional. However, Trans-Master Transmissions was the utmost professional and did a wonderful job fixing my vehicle when I needed it most. totally went above and beyond to take care of us. By far the best and most honest shop I have ever taken a vehicle to. These guys really know their stuff and seem to want to do an honest job for a fair price. Highly recommendable!

    orangelawton Merchant Circle Review

    They did a great job for me, troubleshoot the problem (turned out not to be the trany) then repaired for a very fair price. They stayed in contact with me on every step. Great Job, give them a try.

    JulianRounds Merchant Circle Review

    This Place is honest. That is a rarity. I'm glad I found this shop. I can just imagine if I would have gone elsewhere. I recommend you come here first.

    HarrisonBelcher Merchant Circle Review

    They repaired my car within an hour. Great customer service

    HamidSafavi Merchant Circle Review

    Excellent! These guys really know what they are doing, and they are very fair. The staff were able to diagnose the problem and accurately estimate the cost to repair. The shop is also very clean. What a great experience! You surely know how hard it is to find a mechanic that is nice, smart and honest like Trans-Master Transmission.

    Christina M. City Search Review

    The staff is friendly and very helpful! They explained the problem to me, and made sure I understood!! Great service

    Nina J. City Search Review
  • My car's transmission was fixed within such a short time today..I was getting late for my classes…they took over my car at once and started to work…excellent promptness!

    arkira r. City Search Review

    Thanks for fixing my car in such a short time!Good work….

    mellisa p. City Search Review

    I have took my personal truck to Trans-master because a friend in the automotive business spoke so highly of them. Now I take all our McWire Electric fleet vehicles to Trans-master!

    sean n. City Search Review

    I came to Trans-Master Transmissions because I needed a new transmission. The staff immediately fixed my transmission at a reasonable price, and my car is just like brand new. Thank you so much!

    Tina H. City Search Review

    I made an appointment. My car's transmission was serviced quickly and I have confidence that the job was well done by experts who primarily do transmission work. Superb!!

    Lucinda N. City Search Review

    Trans-Master Transmissions has excellent mechanics, they are a rare honest shop, the man who assisted did the work was very helpful and seemed to really care about his work. I only intended to fix the leaks. But they did a tune up and other small services. The car runs so much better than before.

    Liza E. City Search Review

    This is my favorite auto shop, I only trust these guys with my cars!

    Mahbanoo K. City Search Review

    Super friendly, honest, and made me feel at ease in regards to the accuracy of what was needed, He's very fair with price and knowledgeable, His turnaround time is outstanding! And he is incredibly fair in charging for parts and labor, I know I am not being ripped off when I leave my car with him. Hands down!

    janna c. City Search Review

    I am extremely pleased with Trans-Master Transmissions customer service, eagerness to go the extra mile in the job, and getting the car back to me fully repaired and still within their originally quoted price even though more work needed to be done. I would highly recommend them to everyone needing transmission work in the future.

    Dana B. City Search Review

    I have seldom received such straight forward and honest attention to detail. The whole crew at both locations are first rate. I say both because I was so impressed with the Smyrna location I went to the one on Dickerson Road for a different service. They are well worth the time and money you'll spend with them.

    Raphael Yahoo! Review

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